Open Placer Standard
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The Ingenious OpenPlacer

An Affordable Pick and Place Machine
PCB assembly was not this easy before
Robust Structure
Works Perfect with the OpenPnP Software
800 chips per hour

Technical Properties of Open Placer Standard:
Working Area: 400 mm x 250 mm
Footprint: 510 mm x 360 mm
Maximum Board Dimension: 100 mm x 200 mm
Maximum Component Height: 6 mm
2 Main Feeder 1 Optional Feeder Capability
USB 2.0 Connection

Product Description

The Open Placer has several properties that steps it forward against its alternatives, which are;
Runs with open sourced OpenPNP software
Modular design with ease of replacing electronic components and feeders
Robust design with high mechanical accuracy; 0.05 mm (2 mils)
High working area / footprint ratio
800 chips per hour (Ideal for prototyping)
Integrated vacuum pump (No external pump need)
Bottom and top camera support
Nozzle Capacity: 4
Selectable Trash Area and Park Location
100 -240 V AC operating voltage
30 – 50 W power consumption
The Open Placer Standard has larger size that enables more space to place components and assemble larger PCBs. It will be sent as an assembled kit. You just need to plug the cables and push a tubing.

It contains,

The robust XY table with all required components to move smoothly.
The pick and place head with the nozzle, Z and A axis motors, head cam and required sub components
The controller card
The vacuum pump
Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
Power Cable
3 USBA – USBB cables
2 nozzles (0.6 mm inner diameter(ID) / 0.8 mm outer diameter(OD) and 1.2 mm ID / 1.6 mm OD)
1 Main Feeder (10 x 8 mm pitch)
Bottom and Top Camera
Automatic Nozzle Change Apparatus

There is space for a second main feeder but it is not included in the kit. Optional feeders are also not included in the kit.
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