Open Placer Mini
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The Ingenious OpenPlacer

An Affordable Pick and Place Machine
PCB assembly was not this easy beforeRobust StructureModularWorks Perfect with the OpenPnP Software800 chips per hourTechnical

Properties of Open Placer Mini:
Working Area: 295 mm x 195 mm
Footprint: 340 mm x 440 mm
Maximum Board Dimension: 100 mm x 150 mm
Maximum Component Height: 6 mm
1 Main Feeder 1 Optional Feeder Capability
USB 2.0 Connection

Product Description

The Open Placer has several properties that steps it forward against its alternatives, which are;

Runs with open sourced OpenPNP software
Modular design with ease of replacing electronic components and feeders
Robust design with high mechanical accuracy; 0.05 mm (2 mils)
High working area / footprint ratio
800 chips per hour (Ideal for prototyping)
Integrated vacuum pump (No external pump need)
Bottom and top camera support
Nozzle Capacity: 4
Selectable Trash Area and Park Location
100 -240 V AC operating voltage
30 – 50 W power consumption

The Open Placer Mini will be sent as an assembled kit. You just need to plug the cables and push a tubing.
It contains,
The robust XY table with all required components to move smoothly
The pick and place head with the nozzle, Z and A axis motors, head cam and required sub components
The controller card
The vacuum pump
Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
Power Cable
3 USBA – USBB cables
2 nozzles (0.6 mm inner diameter(ID) / 0.8 mm outer diameter(OD) and 1.2 mm ID / 1.6 mm OD)
1 Main Feeder (10 x 8 mm pitch)
Bottom and Top Camera
Automatic Nozzle Change Apparatus

There is space for a second main feeder but it is not included in the kit. Optional feeders are also not included in the kit.
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